Timing is Everything: Deciding When I Should Travel

Sundial, Perranporth, UKOn 1 January 2013 I will be unemployed. My first inclination was that this would be the ideal time to begin my globe-trotting adventure. A small amount of thought has led me to realise this probably isn’t the case.

My most immediate obstacle is that I simply don’t want to be packing and planning my journey, getting rid of all my material possessions and moving out of my apartment during my final days of work. I would much rather have some time off to really figure out my plans and get my affairs in order before I get on a plane. But this isn’t the only consideration.

Weather is certainly something to consider. I have decided to start my travels in Europe and, to put it mildly, the weather in the dead of winter is not the best. Especially when you can’t be sure where you’re going to end up most nights. For this reason alone, I think I may postpone my real travel until mid-March when things start to warm up. I can start in the south-west, maybe Spain, and slowly progress to the north-east as the weather warms.

I’ve become quite accustomed to Vancouver’s temperate weather and I would rather not mess with a good thing.

Decided take-off time: Mid-March 2013.

Have you ever had a trip ruined by bad weather?


2 thoughts on “Timing is Everything: Deciding When I Should Travel

  1. Traci says:

    I think you can salvage most trips with a back-up plan. As long as you aren’t locked into one activity, you can turn even lousy weather into a positive experience. Of course, if a typhoon hits, it’s all moot 🙂

    • tobyjsullivan says:

      That’s great advice! Suffering through bad weather is a terrible way to spend a trip. When I run into rain, I’ll be on the first train out of town!

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