Tickets Bought: Heading to AMS


I’ll be flying to Amsterdam with KLM. I opted to spend a little more because they have the option of changing my flight for a nominal fee. When you’re going away for this long, you really don’t know where you’ll be in life by the time that return flight comes up.

A lot has happened since my last post and, at the same time, not much. Vague, eh?

I’ve been working on a temporary contract which is set to end March 29th and, after that, I’m heading out. Working full-time since January gave me a convenient excuse to procrastinate on planning this trip so I put it off as much as possible. But as I watched flight prices start to skyrocket recently, I knew I had to get my ass in gear.

I bought a round-trip flight to Amsterdam departing on April 18th and returning on June 27th. That’s 70 days, or two and a half months, of awesome Europe and I am both excited and terrified. And I didn’t stop there.

I’ve also ordered a Eurail pass that will allow me to travel by train on 15 days over two months (it’s a little confusing, I know) in 23 different countries. It sounds like I’m ready to seed the continent.

My budget is slim considering how long I’m headed for. The flight and Eurail have cost me $3000 and I expect I’ll have another $6000 left over when I head out so that’s about $85/day for hostels, food & drink, and any travel not covered by my train pass. To put that in perspective, the last time I was in Europe (for two weeks) I managed to spend about $400/day.

The constraints of my travel will force me to be creative and consistently get out of my comfort zone. For example, I’ll be getting very well acquainted with the most affordable Hostel dorms (think 10-20 guys sleeping in a giant room).

This is going to be fun and will, hopefully, change my life.

Would you ever go on a trip for this long? Am I crazy? Leave a comment and tell me why or why not and we can have a conversation on motivations.


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