Thoughts on Milan

Milan is starkly different from Basel. It is my first stop in Italy so I am simultaneously discovering this beautiful, ancient city and Italian culture.

I’m not sure how old this city is but first impressions suggested it had been built long ago. As I explored deeper I learned Milan is downright ancient. One church I explored had been built in the fourth century and, by that time, Milan was already a powerful and important city.

As you walk through the streets, the history of the city is incredibly apparent. Every street is paved with giant cobblestones. The stone buildings loom over the bustling streets.

And then you get to see Milan’s prime tourist attraction, Duomo (or simply the cathedral). This is the most fascinating piece of architecture I have seen in my life so far. The spires scrape the sky far above your head in a dazzling display of might. This cathedral took 400 years to build and it shows.


On a personal note, what really made this city memorable for me was the fantastic hostel experience. This was the second city on my trip in which I was lucky enough to meet great people. We had two amazing nights of drinking and socialising that I wish could have lasted forever. We spent our last night in a piazza (or square) drinking alongside hundreds of locals. That was a night I won’t soon forget.


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